How does it work?
An e-cigarette is made up of 3 parts:

  • A Battery/Power Source.
  • An atomizer (A Heating Element ususally integrated into a tank or clearomizer.)
  • E-liquid(A comibnation of Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin/Food Grade Flavoring, and if desired, liquid nicotine.)

The atomizer screws onto the battery. You fill the tank or clearomizer with your selected e-liquid. Press the button and draw. You’ll feel like you’re smoking, but you’re exhaling water vapor!

What is an eGo Style Battery?
The eGo style battery was a first generation upgrade battery types for electronic cigarettes. Also called pen style, they vary in size in relation to the battery capacity that is built in. They are almost always rechargeable by way of a wall charger and adapter. Tanks, clearomizers, atomizers, and cartidges are screwed onto the battery threads. A push of a button fires the battery, heats the atomizer, and creates vapor! eGo Style batteries are simple to use, with set power levels, or variable voltage options for a more customized vape.

What is a Mechanical MOD?
A mechanical MOD is an advanced power source device. It’s most simple form is a tube that holds a replaceable, rechargeable battery. The tube has a button, that when engaged completes a circuit that delivers unregulated current to the atomizer. A mechanical mod contains no wiring,soldering, or electronics. Because of this, Mechanical MODS tend to have a very long life, requiring only simple battery changes/charges. Vaping can be customized by changing the resistence of the atomizer, as opposed to changing the voltage of the power source.

What’s in your e-liquid?
Good Vapes is true to their intent and desire to handcraft e-liquids using limited, premium ingredients. Our liquids contain PG (propylene glycol), VG(Vegetable Glycerin), USDA approved food grade flavoring, and if requested, Nicotine. All of our ingredients are pharmaceutical grade and USDA approved.