Cinnamon Role – Self Esteem – Top40

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We eat so many cinnamon rolls that it has in fact altered our self-esteem.

We’re writing off the diabeetus and taking a stand!

This rich doughy cinnamon winner says it wants only you but it will sneak into the tanks of your friends.

Stick up for yourself man.

Be like Bill.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Size Nicotine

05ML – 3MG, 15ML – 0MG, 15ML – 1.5MG, 15ML – 3MG, 15ML – 6MG, 15ML – 12MG, 15ML – 18MG, 30ML – 0MG, 30ML – 1.5MG, 30ML – 3MG, 30ML – 6MG, 30ML – 12MG, 30ML – 18MG, 60ML – 0MG, 60ML – 1.5MG, 60ML – 3MG, 60ML – 6MG, 60ML – 12MG


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